Counselling and Therapy in Faversham

Perhaps you, a family member or close friend has been having suicidal thoughts which may have led to making plans or even hospitalization. I have worked with people of all ages within Primary Care through such times and I am keen offer my skills with these issues.

The initial sessions would be to help the person set up a safetly plan. This could mean hearing the story and events that have led to feeling that life is too hard at the moment. Some events have been so painful that it can take years to be ready to talk and so I do not rush, but we would go gently together.

I would hope to find other ways forward for the client that could offer some relief and also look for a way towards hope for the future.

I have experience of childhood sexual abuse work, adult abuse, domestic violence, bullying, substance misuse, relationship breakup, bereavement, illness, identity issues/self confidence, sexual identity and trouble with perfectionism as well as other areas. But there are also many other reasons why someone would be finding life a challenge.

The Samaritans also offer a very good service and are happy to listen and be supportive. I always recommend putting the number into the phone under say "Sam" and then it is ready when needed.

Tel: 08457 90 90 90