Counselling and Therapy in Faversham


My work in France studying Lacanian Psychoanalysis has equiped me with the depth necessary to engage in long term work with clients and I am prepared to offer this following on from sessions together if we agree that this would be the best way forward. This work can be a long journey and it is important to understand that the road is rocky at times.

From the last seven years when I have been working in Primary Care offering short term work I have seen the benifits this can offer. But it is different and I would best describe all the therapies on offer as great form of psycho education. For some people this is enough, but for others it offers a taster of the therapy journey.

Long term work has been more or less abandoned within the NHS and those who feel that they would benifit from a talking therapy can end up having various short term interventions which usually help at the time.

So then long term therapy offers a long term relationship with a therapist. This means that a huge bank of knowledge and understanding about you is built between the two people and trust develops. Trust is a corner stone and is what enables the client to come back even when things get difficult. You will gain self knowledge about your own unconscious motivations and this will open up new choices for the future.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss this further.