Counselling and Therapy in Faversham

I have worked in Education and Management, two of the most stressful areas. You can often feel overwhelmed by the demands that are made on you, so much so that the stress starts to take its toll. Your performance at work begins to suffer, you start to doubt your own abilities, sleeping can become difficult, you may find yourself too overwhelmed to find the energy to spend time with others and relationships outside fall away or become problematic.

After a period of time you will loose your joie de vivre, and the spiral will take you downwards. Talking within a therapeutic environment will open up the field and enable you to come to terms with and find what has initially led to your lack of hope and recover joy once more. This will then improve your self esteem and give you back the confidence to work out the best way to live.

It could be that following a course of Mindfulness with a self help book could work well. I recommend " Mindfulness: finding peace in a frantic World" by Prof Mark Williams. This is a clear guide and the paperback contains the CD needed to take the journey. I would be happy to support you with this and also to work with you, if it seemed appropriate, using Cognitive Behavioural Techniques to help you learn to manage stresses differently.

I can offer a space to talk through what is happening in confidence, somewhere to explore all that is going on in order to free you to see the way foreward. Please feel free to contact me and arrange for an initial meeting.