Counselling and Therapy in Faversham

 We can all have difficult times

One in four of us will suffer with anxiety or depression over the course of our lifetime. Often we can find that one can lead to the other. I am able to work with you and tease the issues and then we can look together at what may be the correct therapy for you. 

I am happy to offer you an initial meeting and then if you would like to have counselling with me we will agree a contract of 4 sessions when we will review the work so far. For some this may be enough, although most of the short term work I do lasts for between 8 and 16 sesssions.

I work by looking to empower the person and then find hope for the future.Often grieving needs to take place and anger has to be worked through before the person can feel they are living again.

Bereavement, divorce and seperation, a child leaving home or the loss of a job and changes through loss of health can all lead to diffiult times. Counselling can help.

Please feel to ring with any questions.